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Welcome to 3dtris, a flash clone of the famous blockout game from 1989.

click on play to start music (tetris meets heavymetal):

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please click on "custom" for old rotations as in 3dtris version 2k607. real key-customisation comes in next version.


->About 3dtris - whats that?
3dtris is a modified version of the original 3D-Tris (c) 2004 by Serge Victorov , viservic at mtu-net dot ru. It is work in progress with many planned enhancements, for example more complex play tiles, various pit dimensions, probably an alternative version with classic blockout visuals.

->News and Changelog:

News and Changelog:

  • 04.11.2006: menu bar removed (caused problems). french AZERTY-keyboard layout now working. rotations now all counterclockwise, similiar to original blockout.
  • 23.07.2006: new menu bar in the game. allows you to change appearance of 3dtris. you may now turn off drawing of faces of the playtile and pit, thus reverting to original blockout visuals.
  • 18.07.2006: added website, picture link and greetings to highscore.
  • 15.07.2006: new colors; smooth animated fastdrop after pressing space - tile keeps moveable; fps counter - please email me ( post ad andre-krause dot net) your system speed, browser and flash version if your fps count is constantly below 10 fps.
  • 12.07.2006: online highscore list added!
  • added wire frame display to the play tile for better spatial recognition of the tetris blocks
  • slowed down rotation speed so its easier to grasp the current oriention and layout of the play tile
Informations about Blockout / 3D Tetris:
  • Blockout Essay by Igor Vukomanovic. Very interesting details about that "lifetime" game Blockout. This is a backup from the internet archive.org, because Igors original website is offline.

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